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Discussion Of Kiss Him, Not Me

Originally posted to Anime Amino on Dec. 24 I feel like I could offer a unique perspective on this series since I’m not a fujoshi or a female, I’m a dude. I started this series on a whim and found … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Ordinal Scale was a Hollywood-esque continuation of the infamous Sword Art Online franchise. Despite the criticism for the anime, Ordinal Scale was a satisfying sequal which payed homage to what the series excelled in, but also continues the tropes that were common in the series. Continue reading

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Spring 2017 Anime Thoughts- Part 1

In which I discuss some upcoming anime and hope that my predictions are right. Continue reading

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A Discussion Of Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

“Cinderella Girls is a good anime, but a terrible Idolm@ster show.” The first season of Idolm@ster left a great impression on me and convinced me to continue on with the series and watch the next installment which is Cinderella Girls. … Continue reading

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A Brief Discussion Of Viewing Habits

Occasionally I browse /r/anime purely to check links to people’s MAL pages. It is truly mind blowing to see some people who hang around the anime community that have seen over 500 shows. But like anything, this makes me feel … Continue reading

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