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Music as a Tool

In which I briefly discuss the use of music in two of my favorite anime to come out in 2017. Continue reading

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Little Witch Academia: Aspirations and Dreams

Finally catching up with Little Witch and found an interesting theme that I wanted to futher explore. Continue reading

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I’m Curious About Hyouka

In which I discuss some of the reasons why Hyouka resonated with me so much, and why it is one of my favorite shows of all time. Continue reading

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The Optimism Of Evangelion

An interpretation of the ending of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga, and why it’s optimistic about the future. Continue reading

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Strolling Around Anime Central

Anime Central (ACEN) celebrated its 20th anniversary this past weekend and I was luckily enough to be able to attend this year. I had my last day of classes on Friday so I had to miss the first day, but that only gave me more incentive to spend every moment at the convention the second and third days. This was my first convention experience, and in many ways it met my expectations, but it also surpassed them. I’m going to briefly run through my experience, talk about the panels I visited and show off some of cool stuff I got my hands on. Continue reading

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Spring 2017 Anime Thoughts: Part 2

Here’s a follow-up post regarding this season of anime! I briefly sort out the shows I’m watching this season. Continue reading

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Opening Episodes: Attack On Titan Season 2

My thoughts on the first three episodes of this season’s anticipated sequel to Attack On Titan. Interestingly enough, the titans or the fights aren’t what make this series great. Continue reading

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Across Time And Space: Kimi no na Wa Discussion

A concise discussion of my thoughts on the American Theatrical release of the animated phenomenon “Kimi no na Wa” (Your Name) Continue reading

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Discussion Of Kiss Him, Not Me

Originally posted to Anime Amino on Dec. 24 I feel like I could offer a unique perspective on this series since I’m not a fujoshi or a female, I’m a dude. I started this series on a whim and found … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Ordinal Scale was a Hollywood-esque continuation of the infamous Sword Art Online franchise. Despite the criticism for the anime, Ordinal Scale was a satisfying sequal which payed homage to what the series excelled in, but also continues the tropes that were common in the series. Continue reading

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